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B2B lotto agent signs bond of good behaviour after arrest



A B2B Lotto Agent known as Mr. Fordjour Richard operating as “THE RULERS” in Kumasi has signed a Bond of Good Behaviour with the National Lottery Authority(NLA) to discontinue the payment of over 40% Commission which was gradually destroying the business of the Authority and Lotto Marketing Companies in the Ashanti Region.

Mr. Fordjour Richard was earlier arrested by Ashanti Regional Police Headquarters under complaints from the Lotto Marketing Companies.

However, upon sober reflection, Mr. Fordjour Richard has shown remorse and higher level of commitment to discontinue any acts that has the tendency to destroy the Lottery Industry. And as such the case made against Mr. Fordjour Richard at the Ashanti Regional Police Headquarters and EOCO has been dropped.

Mr. Fordjour Richard has agreed to sell lotto for the National Lottery Authority(NLA) as a Lotto Marketing Company. He has also been ordered to register as an agent under the Act 844 if he still want to engage in the Private Lotto Business.

Mr. Fordjour Richard readiness to work in accordance with the law and laid down rules and regulations is commendable.


All those illegal lotto Operators, Agents and Writers are mandated to get registered with the National Lottery Authority(NLA) for validation and Licensing. Failure to do so would attract severe punishment when the Authority begins its Compliance and Prosecution exercise.

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