Award-winning CEO Urges Gov’t To Increase Tax On Alcoholic Drinks



Multiple award-winning Chief Executive Officer for Profecy Scientific Herbal Clinic, Dr. Mensah Bonsu has called on government to increase the tax rate on all alcholic products by 40 percent.

The upsurge of kidney diseases in Ghana, owing to the high level of alcohol consumption according to him decrease to the bearest minimum if consumers are discouraged from patronising it by increasing taxes on it.

He also urged the food and Drugs Authority to tighten their role against sellers of sexual enhancement drugs.

He told this medium in an interview that consumers of the duo dominantly men are dying of kidney diseases.

Dr. Bonsu said the indiscriminate consumption of aphrodisiac is gradually becoming a major cause of kidney failure in Ghana.


He went further to explain that, though cases of kidney failure affects both gender, most of the reported cases turn out to be men who have consistently used aphrodisiacs to enhance their sexual drive.

Dr. Mensah Bonsu as part of the Kidney awareness month said “we are once again warning the public, these aphrodisiacs have substances that destroy your kidney beyond repairs, that’s why we have consistently embarked on massive education on the need to ensure kidney health by avoiding certain practices”.

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