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So many people particularly the young people, have done some things that are harmful to their lives.

Some even do not know that their habits or behaviors are harmful until finally they kill them.

In this post, we will address some of them so that young people will not jeopardizes their lives:

1.Careless Driving : Most young people prefer to drive carelessly. This has been one of the major causes of injuries today.


Many of them and their families were sent to an early grave due to the high cost of traffic. You run the risk of early death if you drive carelessly.

2. Excessive intake of Alcohol :Although intrinsically alcohol may not be a bad thing, excessive alcohol consumption could lead to liver complications which can lead to death if left unchecked. So much alcohol is really unhealthy and if you have to eat safely

3 . Overthinking : Overthinking is a major factor which caused the premature death of many people. It is Rob your joy, enjoyment and meaning. You will keep looking stuff about until your mental health has been compromised. When your mental health is in danger of leading to death through self-harm, you will suffer from depression.

4 . Taking of hard drugs : Today many young people use drugs to ‘run’ without knowing the drug’s consequences.

They cause significant brain damage, cause hallucinations and sap the blood of clients, causing them to appear pale and Haggard. This induces severe health problems because it is addiction and may bring you to death.

5 Excessive eating and drinking: while food and alcohol can be a source of human life, excess consumption can contribute to health issues such as constipation, obesity , high blood cholesterol, etc. 5. So ensure that you are reasonably consuming food

6 over active sex life: Although it is important for a young person, the blood vessels convulse when engaged in it, which reduces the blood pressure that effectively puts you at great risk of a heart attack.

7. Smoking cigarettes: However, I continue to wonder why people keep doing this, since I know how dangerous it is to their lives. Nicotine that can lead to cancer and many other health issues is found in cigarettes. For that reason, the packets are full of warnings such as: “smokers are at risk of dying young”

8 Always staying indoors:Most people are to blame, but don’t know how dangerous it is to their lives, keep the immune system lowered and weakened, which makes them vulnerable to diseases that can kill you.

Source; opera news

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