Avoid Anyone Who Gives You This Kind of Handshake Because This Is What It Means

Handshake is a popular way of greeting people and it is universally accepted.

People involved in the handshaking should not necessarily have the same origin.

They may differ by group, tribe, and may other things but there is a particular handshake that is accepted by everyone.

This handshake is the kind that when individuals meet, they hold each other’s palm especially the right and free their hands after few seconds.

This is the type of handshake that is accepted globally because it signifies friendship and love.

Within the business world too, when people meet and want to transact together, the first thing they do is to shake hands and this is a sign of love and unity.

This as well indicates that the transaction will be done with respect and love.

But please do you know that there is another kind of handshake that some people give to others but unfortunately they don’t know what it means?

Soo many people do not know what this handshake means and after reading this article, you will avoid anyone who gives you this kind of handshake because it promotes what God does not want.

Taking a close and careful look at the handshake, a person sticks and rubs his or her fingers in the palm of another person when they meet and shake hands.

This way if handshake is allegedly referred to as “handgasm” and it is not supposed to be accepted.

When someone gives you this kind of handshake, what it means is that they want to have some pleasure in bed with you. They want to get laid with you, thereby promoting formication and adultery in which God is against.

Remember the Almighty God is against formication and adultery and if once you understand this handshake and you return it back, it means you’ve accepted it and definitely, you’ve gone against the will of God.

Please stay away from whoever gives you this kind of handshake. You can even delete their number from your phone or what do you think?

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