Atwima Mponua DCE Is Hot, Youth Call On President To Sack Him

Highly vexed youth of Atwima Mponua District have called for the immediate abrogation of the appointment of their current DCE Hon William Darko owing to what they have described as gross incompetence on his part.

They have made a strong appeal to President Akuffo-Addo not to renew his (DCE) mandate but should instead kick him out and substitute him with a better character.

Addressing the press on Wednesday, the red-eyed youth of Mpasatia and Nyinahini Communities exposed that since his appointment, he (DCE) has not done anything meaningful to salvage residents from the litany of developmental challenges.

They described him as a failure and a weak vessel who is not fit to steer the developmental affairs of the area.

The youth explained that, all their laborious toil for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has not yielded any benefit for themselves and the District, adding that their concerns are always ignored whenever they put them before the DCE.

“Unemployed youth are left stranded and whenever we call on him at his (DCE) office, he doesn’t tell us anything convincing”, a highly peeved youth disclosed.

They pushed further in their statement by indicating that Mpasatia community until now has no public lavatory and that the only option for people without lavatories in their homes is to ease themselves in the bush.

“We have not seen anything good under the administration of this local government official”, the fingered.

Spokesperson Alfred Amoako said they have realised that all males who were appointed by the President to serve as DCEs for the area performed badly.

He therefore called on President Akuffo-Addo to appoint a female character as the DCE.

“This time we want a woman or a lady and not a man. Male DCEs have not been helping district”, he appealed.

Source; www.leakynews.net

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