Atta Mills’ death saga; “i told Mahama to watch those around him”-Allotey Jacobs speaks




l have been following the debate on Pro. Mills death on social media that seems of bringing back the story and event surrounding the death of late Proff. I was on peace FM sometime ago when l said Former President Mahama should watch those around him. Quickly after the comment, l was suspended.
The agenda 2024 is at work.
√ Why will you advised Former President Mahama to report Abronye DC to the police at this critical moment?
Now this move has reopened the Atta Mills death saga.
This is the plan by agenda 2024 group and they project themselves as if they love Mahama than anybody.
√ NDC is currently under ICU and it needs serious attention.
√ Some of us will not talk about Pro. Mills death. Because the family is bitter and this may be a time for the bomb to be released and that may be the end of Mahama and NDC.
I will plead with the lawyers of Mahama to discontinue the case against Abronye DC because NDC people are giving him all the best of Arsenals.
Read Abronye DC replied to the police and you see that Mahama is naked.
The executives who should be fighting for Mahama are busy doing remix press conferences on EC and NIA.
Pro. Mills death is a pregnant matter on our chest and silence by Mahama will do better for the party. Because the agenda 2024 are setting up a trap for him.
Am on suspension but my love for John mahama is not suspended yet.

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