Asokore Mampong; NBU Speaks To Mothers On Drug Abuse



As part of their youth empowerment strategy, the rank and file of No Business as Usual (NBU) Project have engaged mothers of Asokore Mampong Municipality in a day’s event on substance abuse.

As their target audience for the occasion, mothers numbering close to 70 were reached out to on Saturday 23rd May 2021 and were sensitize on the addictive nature and negative effects of drug and substance abuse so that they will in turn advise their children on why they must stay away from such practices.

Officials’ engagement with the parents as explained by Training Coordinator for NBU Ashraf… was premised on the notion that mothers have much control over their children and that if education starts with them, the rate of drug abuse within the municipality will reduce drastically.


Dr. Terry Kessie a Physician Assistant by profession and Mr. Abdul Rahman Shamuna- Executive Director for Seed of Hope were speakers for the event.

In an interview with the Training Coordinator on the sidelines, he underscored the prevalence of drug abuse at Asokore Mampong Municipality as very high, warning that if effective care and measures are not set in motion by authorities, the municipality and for that matter Ghana will experience a shortage of relevant labour force due to drug and substance abuse.

“Drug abuse is now a nationwide phenomenon…If care is not taken, there will be a shortage of useful labour force”.

He identified unemployment as one of the major causes.

Ashraf made an indication that officials of NBU are determined to offer their best support to address the situation.


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