Asokore Mampong: NBU Project trainees undergo free breast cancer screening

Close to forty female trainees of the No Business as Usual (NBU) Project and youth of the Asokore Mampong Municipality have undergone free breast cancer screening under the auspices of implementers of the project.

In addition was an education on breast cancer disease, strategies for early detection and prospective places they can seek medical care.

The screening was carried out by registered midwives from Legacy Hospital at the hub of the Project on 31st October 2020, held coincidentally with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It was dubbed IDEANOMICS 11b; an event on civic, public and community engagement dealing with subject such as stimulating economic growth, revenue collection, migration, gender and health issues, etc.  The theme was; “BREAST HEALTH AWARENESS EVENT”.

Among the objectives were;

  • Enlighten participants on the need for breast cancer early detection and best possible ways for curing it
  • To provide an opportunity for participants to be screened on breast cancer

At the occasion, platform was created for participants to question speakers on pressing issues which they are not akin to vis-à-vis the nature of the disease and its mode of infection.

On the sidelines of the event, Dongballe Hamdallah, a registered midwife at Legacy Hospital in an interview with   underlined early detection of breast cancer as very cardinal since treatment at that stage is quite easier.

She premised the foregoing on the background that most women keep the infection to themselves till it reaches the advance stage before seeking medical intervention.

As a way of avoiding that, Hamdallah advised women to frequently examine their breasts and report to a specialized medic or a registered health facility the moment they discover any sign of cancer for early treatment.

She encouraged all reproductively active women to examine their breast at least three times in a year.



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