Asokore Mampong; NBU Engages Electorates In A Town Hall Meeting



Electorates and residents of Asokore Mampong electoral area have received their version of a week-long town hall meeting rolled out this year 2021 under the umbrella of the No Business as Usual (NBU) Project.

On record, they are the 3rd among other two electoral areas (Aboaboa extension and Aboabo) who have had their share of the event out of the 14 electoral areas.

The focus is to foster social accountability and transparency.


As a way of achieving the above, assembly man of each area as part of the event is made to update participants (electorates and residents) on the state of affairs i.e. achievements since the assumption of office.

Electorates on the other hand are offered the platform to question the assembly man on issues affecting their electoral area.


Present at the event were traditional leaders of Asokore Mampong, leadership of Light Bible Church and God’s Victorious Ministry International, Executives of Asokore Mampong Muslim Association, members of Asokore Mampong Unit Committee, elected assembly men of other electoral areas etc.

At the town hall meeting, Assembly man for the area Hon Kofi Nti threw light on projects and interventions he has undertaken since he was given the mandate.

Among them are the construction of boreholes, provision of street lights, construction of befitting drainage system etc.

Municipal Director for National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) Mr. Matthew Agbenu delivered a talk on the duties of assembly man and residents vis-à-vis the development of their community.

He charged residents to support the development of their area in matters related to the protection of the environment, protection of national assets, promotion of peaceful coexistence.

He gave reason that the development of a community cannot be done all alone by an assembly man.


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