Asokore Mampong; MFCS feeds 68 street connected children in greater Kumasi



Executives of Muslim Family Counseling Services (MFCS) are providing free meals to street connected children within the Asokore Mamapong Municipality and Subin constituency throughout the lockdown period.

The exercise started last week Thursday in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development (Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly) through the support of Streetinvest, a UK based organization.

68 street connected children aged between 10 and 15 have so far been adopted by executives of the association to stand as beneficiaries for free three square meal a day.

They live in areas including Dagomba line, Asafo and Goro.

Programmes Director for MFCS Sheikh Mohammed Bun Bida during a dialogue with labeled the move as redemptive and timely owing to the reality that most deprived children will be hard pressed as in getting food to eat within the two weeks restriction in movement directive (lockdown).


He explained that such children even before the imposition of the lockdown were in a disadvantaged stage and “…what this means is that their situation will be worsened now that they have been restricted in their movement. This is the time they need people like us to help them. At least giving them food to eat everyday will ease the pressure on them”.

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