Asokore Mamapong MCE calms down residents affected by flood…pledges to address situation



Municipal Chief Executive Officer for Asokore Mampong Municipality Hon Alidu Seidu has called on residents who were affected by flood last week to exercise restraint.

Last Friday, some aggrieved residents of Sepe-Timpom blocked the major road linking the Asokore Mampong township after close to ten houses in the area were submerged by flood.

As part of their action, they went far to heap blames on authorities, claiming that the intensity of the flood was caused by the recent construction of a culvert by the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly.

Speaking to, MCE Alidu  Seidu shared his sympathy over the situation that occurred, but expressed his displeasure over how peeved residents took the law into their own hands to erect a barricade on the road.  “I didn’t expect them to block the road”, he stated.

He explained that the said location has long been listed among flood prone areas which the current assembly came to inherit.  The MCE recalled to memory that no action was carried out by the past administration to eliminate the menace until the coming of the present assembly which realized the need to kick-start measures to fix the problem with a clean heart.


Hon Alidu Seidu briefed in a dialogue with this medium  that the construction of the covert and for that matter the road was awarded on contract on September 2019 and should have been completed on  25th March 2020.

He clarified that the delay in completion owes  to challenges characterizing this year 2020, announcing further that the project is left with only 47 percent to hit its completion stage.

Giving his words of assurance, he said that the cause of the flood that occured will be addressed as a matter of urgency as construction is ongoing. “…if in the quest of the work we have identified that there is this issue which needs to be tackled, it will even go a long way to help us to fix the problem…Once we have identified the problem, it will be fixed”, he assured in an interview with

He therefore called on affected residents to calm down as the assembly addresses the situation.

Hon Alidu Seidu detailed that there was no rain within the municipality on the day in question. Houses in the area were submerged after the overflow of  flood waters streamed down from a nearby district which was  hit by a torrential rain.

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