Ashanti NADMO Director has fallen into big trouble after attacking MP Hon Appiah Kubi




Our attention has been drawn to a malicious publication on Ghanaweb, mynewsgh, etc, emanating from a press conference or interview of Kwabena Nsenkyire, the supposed Ashanti Regional First Vice Chairman of the NPP and NADMO Director.

This publication attributed to Nsenkyire has the intention to tarnish the hard earned reputation of Hon Dr Kojo Appiah Kubi. We the friends of Hon. Dr. Appiah-Kubi feel compelled to set the records straight and demand an apology from Nsenkyire.

We, friends of Hon Dr Appiah Kubi, are proud of our hard working, respected and learned Member of Parliament of Atwima Kwanwoma, who has over the years distinguished himself positively within and outside the corridors of Parliament of Ghana and abroad as an astute politician, policy maker and an academician as well as international respected consultant.


He has served as a senior lecturer at the University of Ghana, a manager, as well as a director of a public organisations. Above all he has represented the people of Atwima Kwanwoma for 12 years in parliament, an honour that he is also grateful to the NPP.

As a full member of the NPP he has always dedicated himself to the good course of the NPP and has therefore contributed in various ways towards the victory of the party and Nana Akuffo Addo. Concerning the on-going voter registration exercise, for instance, Hon Dr Appiah-Kubi has made available and fuels a Toyota pick up, which the party is using to transport people to and from registration centres.

He is also a staunch member of a parliamentary group planning to do house to house campaign in ‘difficult’ constituencies. He is currently in the constituency on the ground motivating people to go out to register.

A public allegation that Dr. Appiah-Kubi has turned his back on the party can therefore only come from a person filled with hatred or envy of Hon Dr Appiah-Kubi. And for that to have come from Nsenkyire of all people is truly beyond reasoning. This is a man who for more than 3 months was out of the coverage area of the NPP, and for the sake of peace in the party, is not being accused of having deserted the party, now has the audacity to accuse a sitting MP of a constituency for having turned his back on the party, barely three weeks after the just ended primaries on June 20th, 2020.
We are, by this press release, calling on Kwabena Nsenkyere, to do the following:
To desist from using the name of Hon. Dr. Appiah-Kubi again to gain public recognition or attention. If he wants to announce his return to the coverage area of Ghana after his long holiday abroad, Hon. Dr. Appiah-Kubi is not the person to pick up of a quarrel with to get people to know that Nsenkyire is now back to Ghana after his long absence from Ghana.
 To desist from unnecessary attacks on Hon. Dr. Appiah-Kubi, because he is not competing with Nsenkyire for anything. Nsenkyire swore by his own gods to make him to lose his parliamentary primaries for no apparent reason. Ironically Hon. Dr. Appiah-Kubi cannot even remember having talked to you, Nsenkyire, before in his life apart from exchanging casual greetings during party meetings. You have been apparently successful in making him to lose the 2020 primaries. He is quietly thinking of himself. What else do you want from him?

 To stop picking up quarrels with people like Hon Dr. Appiah-Kubi and causing disunity in the party, when at this material time, Nsenkyire, as a NPP regional vice chair, should be uniting the people, for the sake of peace in the party, and the need to encourage everybody to come on board for all us to prosecute the NPP 2020 victory agenda successfully. Nsenkyire, you could have called or approached Hon Dr Appiah-Kubi to iron out any perceived misunderstanding or differences.

 To retract that malicious publication about Hon Dr. Appiah-Kubi and render an unreserved and unconditional apology to Hon. Dr. Appiah-Kubi within 72 hours for bringing his name into public ridicule and tarnishing his reputation or face the wrath of “Friends of Hon. Dr. Appiah-Kubi”.

We also request H.E Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo, to as a matter of urgency and unity in the party, relief Nsenkyire of his position as NADMO Director.

ERNEST AMANKWAH (MPhil. Econ) 0242728320

CHARLES OWUSU (0244846371)


KWAME BERCHLAW (0246863737)

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JUSTICE OBENG (0240627751)

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