Asante Akim North: World Vision Eradicates Open Defecation, Water And Sanitation Problems



By Enock Akonnor,

The successful implementation of Asante Akim North Area Programme by Officials of World Vision Ghana has satisfactorily eradicated open defecation, water and sanitation problems which was faced by the Municipality.

Prior to the commencement of the full operations of the organization at Asante Akim North, women and children travelled long distances to fetch untreated water from nearby rivers and ponds.

Open defecation on the other hand was on the rise, leading to numerous water-borne and sanitation-related illness among children under 5 years.


World Vision Ghana through its programme since October 2000 has eradicated many water-borne diseases through the installation of boreholes in every community, providing safe and portable water sources to over 45,600 people.

  • They have drilled and constructed 39 boreholes in 25 communities and that 11 schools and 5 HCFs have gained access to a basic drinking water source.
  • Among other contributions of World Vision Ghana towards access to safe water at Asante Akim North include;
  • 3,068 Households educated on safe water handling practices.
  • Formed, trained and resourced 25 water and sanitation management teams. Out of this number, 17 are still functional.
  • Trained and resourced 83 Pump Maintenance Volunteers to repair and maintain boreholes.
  • Sensitized 25 communities on appropriate food handling and processing practices.
  • Trained 259 food vendors in hygiene food handling with 158 of them certified by the district health management team as fit to sell food to the public.
  • 32,289 children enrolled in structured learning participated in hygiene behaviour change programming.
  • 83 School Health Education Program Clubs (7 were Sesame WaSHUP clubs) formed, trained and resourced.
  • 34,785 people reached with community hygiene behaviour change programming among others.


World Vision Ghana’s focus on sanitation and hygiene has led to the implementation of Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS).

Under the foregoing intervention, they have empowered local artisans to construct latrines, resulting in nine communities achieving OPEN DEFECATION FREE status, benefiting over 8,260 people.

The organization has also supported 6 schools with gender and disability-friendly latrines, contributing to improved sanitation facilities and reduced prevalence of diarrhoea among school-going children.

Mr. Joshua Baidoo (Integrated Programmes Director-World Vision Ghana) announced the above success stories on behalf of the National Director Laura Christina Delvalle at a durbar held on Wednesday, 16th August, 2023 at the Municipality.



He mentioned that, World Vision Ghana’s partnership with the Municipal Health Directorates has significantly reduced maternal and child malnutrition through the formation and training of Mother-to-Mother Support Groups.

A breakdown on the organization’s contribution to Health and Nutrition of Children are;

  • 8 Community Health Committee formed support improve health delivery in the communities
  • 116 Ghana Health Staff trained on growth monitoring and appropriate feeding practices.
  • 50 Community-Based Health Volunteers trained and supported with 41 bicycles to support growth monitoring.
  • More than 8,500 caregivers’ capacity built on food-based approaches including food demonstration and community sensitization.
  • More than 12,000 children provided with vitamin A supplementation and deworming.

The Integrated Programmes Director in his address thanked the sponsors and donors “especially the good people of the United States of America, for their unwavering support through World Vision US.”

He also thanked development partners, communities and all stakeholders for the selfless collaboration and support.

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