Arrest Him Now And Stop Playing Tactics- Captain Smart

Broadcast journalist “Captain Smart” is at it again and this time he is not parading himself politically as he usually does, but as a patriotic citizen.

The outspoken journalist has issued a strong caution to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU), to act quickly on a very worrying child abuse case at the Obuase case this morning.

Raising his voice today during his own hosted program on Angel TV dubbed “Anopa Bofoɔ”, the courageous journalist broke the news of a 3-year old girl who has been physically abused by his step father at Obuasi in the Ashanti region.

Per reports, the mother of the victim who is a Togolese is currently staying with her Togolese boyfriend who is not even legally married to him.

Sources also indicate that the lady is at the same time nine months pregnant for this same man and he used to take his step daughter along with him anytime he goes to work.

On a sad note, the man allegedly poured hot water on the 3 year old child just because she does not obey nor respect him.

Upon hearing his reporter and the witness’ side of the story, captain Smart strongly warned the head of DOVVSU not to try any delay tactics with this issue.

Captain Smart dared him to immediately arrest the abuser or else he himself will come to the Obuase township to initiate the arrest of the step father of the child.

“You can’t just listen to the man’s side of the story to give your account on the issue, carry out the necessary investigation and arrest the culprit as soon as possible. If you try to play any tricks with this issue I’ll come over to cause the arrest of the abuser myself”, he noted.

Source; Opera News

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