Crime and Punishment

“Arrest And Kill All LGBTQ+ Practitioners”- Chief Imam Begs Ghana Gov’t

Chief Imam for Al-Bayan Muslims Preachers Association-Alhaji Abubakari Sadique Owusu has called for the immediate arrest and execution of persons practicing LGBTQ+ in Ghana.

He has described the act as highly abominable and that any person caught in the act should be killed by way of punishment.

In a Biblical allusion, he cited ancient Sodom and Gomorra, narrating how they provoked God with such immoral acts to destroy the entire cities.

“God cursed the land, burnt the two cities including residents for committing such an abomination”.

He reiterated in an exclusive interview with on the sidelines of a press briefing held at the Kumasi Central Mosque of Thursday that anyone caught practicing LGBTQ+ in Ghana should be killed by government without favour.

This according to him will help sanitize the country and save Ghana from the wrath of God.


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