Are you still wearing tight pants and boxers? Stop that quickly. you may not have children.

Two days ago while “pant” was trending on Twitter, a famous doctor on Twitter Doctor Olufunmilayo wrote on the disadvantages of putting on tight pants and boxers by men and I saw the need to share with you.

This is what he wrote: Now that pant is trending, this is to remind all men to avoid tight boxers and pants.

Any pant that hooks your testicles like eggroll inside nylon that they sell in Lagos traffic is not good for you.

On a serious note, tight boxers may not allow you to have children as a man.

Tight boxers and pants create too much heat in the scrotum area which is very bad for your testicles and can make you infertile as a man.

There is a reason why your testicles was placed outside of your body in its own special pouch. It is to avoid heat and high temperature.

Heat and high temperature can ruin your fertility as a man. You may not have kids or struggle to have one.

The same thing goes to those who put laptops on their laps for many hours. Those who stay in hot water and bath for many hours are playing with their fertility.

I had to research more on this interesting topic and I got a quote from Doctor Jorge Chavarro, an associate professor on nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and an author on the study.

He said: “Any exposure to heat that significantly increases temperature is likely to affect spermatogenesis or sperm production, that is the main reason we have scrotums and testes that are external to the abdomen.”

Source; opera news

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