APC’s Ayariga Smoked Out By Attack From Kelvin Taylor



It has come to the notice of the leadership of the National Executive Committee of the All People’s Congress (APC ) of verbal attack’s from Kevin Taylor on Dr Hassan Ayariga (Founder/Leader) and the Party as a whole.

Kevin Taylor cannot and should not be taken serious by any well thinking person.

He should gets his facts right about Dr Hassan Ayariga and the party before he talks loosely just to attract cheap attention to himself.

The General secretary of the party Mr Mordecai Thiombiano in an interview Said that he should not sit behind the mic in the united States’ and just talk.

Well meaning Ghanaians that has the country at heart do not seek green pastures at the United States but stays in the country to make sure the country becomes a better Ghana for tomorrows generation.


Kevin Taylor what is your contribution towards a better Ghana?

The party puts it to comedian Kevin Taylor that his entire family both in Ghana and abroad are not coequals of Dr Hassan Ayariga.

You are indeed a good for nothing Slave that makes a living out of cheap and false propaganda.

Let’s put the record straight,
Dr. Hassan Ayariga started talking about Fix the country when he was granting interviews about the abandoned Housing Project. He asked the government in power to fix the country and stop giving excuses.

Secondly, Dr Ayariga is now asking Ghanaians to campaign for #Save the nation# because he believes the country has been taken away by the foreigners. Because currently there is nothing to fixed since foreigners have taken over every sector of the country.

Dr. Ayariga believe that our youth will become slaves in their own country in some years to come so let’s save the nation first.

Attached it’s the link: https://youtu.be/tVo553hGBDs

We challenge you to play the video that shows that Dr. Ayariga is against fix the country campaign. kindly make time and do more research and get your facts right rather that insults.

Your buccal cavity is not better than any ones own, but just that it’s unnecessary to argue with you because no reasonable person argues with a low level headed Journalist like Kevin Tailor.


Mordecai Thiombiano
General secretary

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