Anytime you see these 3 things, it means your blessings are very close

Just as dark clouds indicates that rain is about to fall, certain signs and experiences we encounter clearly prove that our blessings or breakthrough will soon manifest.

The sad reality is that few people understand spiritual signs and seasons and that is the reason why you should read carefully what I am about to tell you.

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Listed below are some of the signs;

1. When your loved ones start to leave

When you wrong a friend, a family member or a person you love, and they leave your side, that does not mean a great blessing is coming your way. In this case, apologize and make peace with him or her. But in some cases, your friends or loved ones will leave for an unexplainable reason. Sometimes, you don’t know where you wronged them.

Like Lot and Abraham; sometimes, God intentionally hardens the heart of some people so that they will leave your side.

In such circumstances, understand that a great blessing is on the way for you. Most relationships that break up is for your good. What you should understand is that most people in our lives block our blessings and progress.

Most of the times, when you see that people are leaving your side, stay put and commit yourself to prayer. A blessing is surely on the way.

2. When you are tempted to sin

Sin blocks and blots your blessings. Whenever you are tempted to commit an intentional sin, remember that a great blessing is coming your way. The adversary knows that the only way he can stop your upliftment is to entice you to sin. He uses temporal pleasure to block your unprecedented blessings. This is the devil’s oldest trick. He used that on Adam and Eve, and he will always use that against humanity.

So, whenever you are tempted to steal from your workplace or the office, fornicate, commit adultery, or to simply disobey God, please do not forget that the devil wants you to use that to block your blessings. The young Egyptian slave, Joseph, did not consider an affair with Potiphar’s wife as an opportunity. Though having an affair with the woman will bring temporal joy, he knew that it was a plan to stop his upliftment. I can say without a doubt that most temptation comes when we are standing at the door of our breakthrough.

3. Sudden Hardship

Romans 8:35 says that “who will separate us from the Messiah’s love? Can trouble, distress, persecution, hunger, nakedness, danger, or a violent death do this?” Most Christian unfortunately do not see that at the end of the tunnel is light. Trials do not just make us stronger in our faith; there is a blessing after we have “endured.”

A woman may have a financial problem that may compel her to sell her body. A hardship can compel a man to steal or cheat. These hardships must come before your breakthrough. You just have to stay true to God; preserve your integrity and honour God through your decisions and daily choices.

It is my prayer that the Lord God will give you the strength to endure to the end in Jesus Name. Please share this article with others. You may not know who you are encouraging. God bless you as you share. Please don’t forget to share.

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