Any man who wants to live long should stop doing these 7 things

In this contemporary world due to hardships of the world and how tough the system is becoming, many men’s normal lifestyle has changed dramatically.

This is because of the fact that men are the heads of the family and every individual in the family look up to them for their survival.

This has imposed extra pressure on every man on the face of the earth who wants to be responsible.

Well, no creature on this planet can stop death from happening, but there are certain things men can do to improve their chances of living long and healthy.

This article has picked up seven of these things, please take note as you read through.

• Quit Smoking

The first thing every man should stop doing in order to live long is smoking.

Cigarettes and tobacco carries a substance called ‘Nicotine’ which is very addictive and a number one cause of cancer. Not only is smoking a cancer causing act but it also causes high blood pressure and other serious health complications.

This cause of death is very preventable. The only thing to do is to just stop smoking.

• Quit Holding Grudges

The best thing to do if you are a man and you have an issue with other people is to confront them and let them know how you feel about the matter. Anyway, why should a man even hold a grudge? Just leave the grudges for the women. Either way, It is not advisable because it is harmful to one’s health.

Holding grudges shoots up your levels of stress hormone which is not good for a functioning immune system.

• Do not Be Idle, Be Active

If you are a man, regular exercise is something you should never feel lazy to do. Take about 15 to 30 minutes of your time to exercise everyday. This will boost blood flow to important organs and keep you healthy. Not only does regular exercise keep you healthy, it also heightens your performance in bed.

In as much as regular exercise is good for men, exercises that are too difficult or strenuous should be avoided as much as possible.

Apart from the fact that being active keeps you healthy, it also helps you to be a capable man. In fact, no woman likes an idle man. There is even a saying that says “the devil finds work for the idle”. So instead of doing nothing, find something doing.

• Do not Be Too Reserved

Being too reserved as a human is not healthy, that is why God gave us family and friends to share our problems and encourage one another. A person who often keep to himself is prone to physical and mental health problems. So, instead of keeping all the problems to yourself, please share with trusted friends and family. After all, a problem shared is half solved.

• Do not Overstress Yourself, Have Enough Sleep

One of the major problems of men is stress and inadequate sleep. These are bad habits every man need to avoid. An average man needs about 6 to 8 hours of sleep everyday. Any hours of sleep lesser than this, if continued for a longer time can be deadly.

To address this problem, every man should at least sleep to relax the body and gain back lost strength by sleeping for 6 to 8 hours everyday as stated above.

• Avoid Eating Junk And Processed Foods

Processed and junk foods are not good for men because they contain less fiber which is good for digestion and metabolism. They also contain too much saturated fat, sodium and sugar. All these in excess causes diabetes, hypertension, decreased performance in bed, etc.

Instead, eat foods rich in fiber and other essential nutrients. Also include fruits and vegetables in your diet to strengthen your immune system.

• Do not Always Live In Fear and Denial

To be a man also means accepting life as it comes. Facing your challenges and accepting responsibilities for your actions. Living in fear and denial causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. This can reduce a man’s lifespan drastically. So please, accept whatever life throws at you, it will give you the strength to carry on.

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