Anti-Redevelopment Protest In Kumasi; A Clear Sabotage Against City Mayor And NPP Gov’t

The blatant refusal on the part of scores of traders plying their commercial activities within the Central market enclave of Kumasi Metro’s CBD to relocate so as to pave way for the phase 2 of Kejetia-Central Market redevelopment is a clear sabotage against the efforts of government, has observed.

Contractors are presently 42% through the construction works of the 2nd phase of the project and are speeding up so as to save government from loosing a secured fund which stands at the quantum of 248 million Euros but ‘recalcitrant’ traders for whatever reason are still unwilling to vacate the area and have characterized their resistance with series of protests against the move.

Meanwhile, before the commencement of the 1st phase of the project during the tenure of Hon Kojo Bonsu (former KMA Boss), occupants of the then old kejetia market relocated to satellite markets including Race Course, Abenkyi, Afia Kobi, Acheamfour, Adehye3 etc. to make way for its successful construction and completion.


Underground checks carefully conducted by the editorial head of has provided a crystal clear evidence to the effect that adequate provisions have been made ready by KMA at the above-mentioned commercial areas to accommodate the relocation of the traders.

A litany of unutilized shops and sheds are currently available at Race Course and Abenkyi markets.

Shockingly, some of these same traders who are vehemently opposing their eviction from areas marked as Zone 1 and Zone 2 per our checks have in advance secured some sheds and shops at these two markets but have left them unutilized until now and still trading at Central market.

Presently, a high number of traders at Race Course and Abenkyi markets are highly peeved against their colleague traders who fall within the above category, insofar rubbishing the demonstration which they staged on 8th February 2021against authorities of KMA especially the Mayor Hon Osei Assibey vis-à-vis their eviction.


Per their defense statement, the race course and Abenkyi markets still have available space for any commercial activity and therefore don’t understand why their colleagues through their inactions are slow-motioning the execution of the phase 2 of the project.


In the Mayor’s attempt to ensure that the Metropolis taps his share of the national cake, hence the execution of the project, these traders have been decieved by detractors to concieve an ill notion that the hardworking major is rather killing their business.

The grand agendum conceived and hatched by detractors at the moment is to work through these same traders to kick against the retention of the current mayor in office by His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo.

Per their modus-operandi, they have resorted to character assassination.

The birthing of this foul agenda was strongly realised when they held a demonstration against the city mayor for barricading parts of the Central market for demolition to make way for the 2nd phase of the project.

Premised on the forgoing, is by this write-up registering his full support for the eviction of affected traders. We believe that traders should without fear or favour be moved out to the ready-made satellite stations in question after the expiration of 13th March 2021.



By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-chief

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