Emirates Red Crescent supports needy in Ashanti region-Ghana



The leadership of Ansar Al-Khairiya Organisation-Ghana has distributed a colossal number of sheep to households located in Ashanti region.

The benevolent support targeted the vulnerable and was done through the support Emirates Red Crescent.

556 households located in areas including Sawaba , Pakoso, Akurem, Achiase benefited from the donation.

It was carried out during the just ended Eid al-Adha; a festival of sacrifice or feast of the sacrifice which is celebrated by all Islam believers across the world.


The distribution was done under the supervision of Sheikh Illiasu Nurul Haq Moro and Sheikh Ibrahim Abdul Karim who are directors for the organisation.

When questioned on the reason for the above-mentioned act of charity, the duo expressed in an interview with that they were compelled by the desire to support residents who were financially handicapped.

The purpose was to help them feed their family and themselves especially during a moment were majority of Muslim brothers and sisters were joyfully celebrating the Eid. Non-Muslims likewise received their share of the donation

The support as underlined was a way of putting smile on their faces, make them feel part of society and also make them realize that others care about their welfare.

The leadership of Ansar Al-Khairiya Organisation expressed much gratitude for the donation they received from Emirates Red Crescent. They prayed that Allah will continue showering his blessings on them.

Sheikh Mohammed Bun Bida, programmes coordinator for Muslim Family Counseling Services thanked the organization and the people of Emirates for the kind support.

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