Ansar Al-Khairiya Constructs Mechanised Borehole For Achiase Cluster Of Schools

Ansar Al-Khairiya, a non-governmental organisation has constructed and commissioned a mechanized borehole for Achiase cluster of schools of the Ejisu Municipality.

The construction of the facility was done with funding support from Red Crescent of Emirates; geared towards addressing the challenge of water accessibility faced by the institution.

Per the projection of the executive of the organisation, 3,450 students and over 10,000 residents of the community will stand as beneficiaries of the facility.

The project as explained by the Public Relations Officer-Ghana Mr. Mohammed Bun Bida forms part of an ongoing collaboration between Andar Al-Khairiya and the Red Crescent of Emirates.

The agenda is to put up social and economic developmental facilities in Ghana.

The collaboration has birthed several support including the construction of places of worship (mosques), Shalter House Unita, Water and Sanitation facilities and construction of schools to needy communities.

Present at the occasion were traditional leadership, staff of the school, religious leaders among others.


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