An old lady gave me egg in a dream, this has been happening to me since then

My name is Oluchi, I am an Igbo girl and this is my story which i want share with you.

I got married to my Yoruba prince, Olu 5 years ago and for 5 years I was unable to bear him a child.

After the first year of my marriage, trouble started hit me.

Many of my in-laws startef insulting me, calling me all sorts of names all because of my condition.

I became Soo much worried to the extent that I cried myself to sleep every night.

The second-year passed, and the third yet no child .

I went to different prayer houses and even shrine yet no fruitful result.

Then at the beginning of my fourth year in marriage, relatives of my threatened to marry another wife for him.

I became more worried, but my husband was always by my side, comforting me, saying “God’s time is the best.”

I kept on praying and crying, but it seems the gods have forgotten about me.

As the threat got stronger, I was ready to do anything to save my marriage. My friend, Adaobi took me to see a great wizard in the east, popularly called Ezenkwu.

Ezenkwu told me that for stepping into his shrine, all my problems will be over. He bathed me with a strange water and asked us to go home afterward. “All your troubles are over”, he said.

I went home late that night and had to lie to my husband about where I went to.

Then, I had a dream that same night. I saw an old woman in my dream, and she gave me an egg to eat. “All your troubles are over” she said, before vanishing into thin air. I woke terrified but I couldn’t tell my husband about the old woman and the egg I ate.

Ever since then, strange things started happening to me, one month later I became pregnant.

Then I had another dream and saw the same old woman who asked me to keep her egg that is inside me safe for her.

I am really scared right now, is she referring to my pregnancy and my unborn child?

Should I inform my husband the truth? Dear readers, what should I do! I don’t want to give birth to an evil child. Please help!

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