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5 Steps To Switch Your TV And Fan without Using Electricity

In this article, I will be schooling you on how you can power your television and electric fan without using electricity or even your generator.

To be able to achieve the above, there are some few steps you will have to follow;


1.       Turn off the source of electricity to your house.

2.       Turn off all plugs of your television and standing-fan.

3.       Try and purchase a socket at any electronic shop for the purpose of the plugging the TV.

4.       Get a car battery with which you will power the appliances.

5.       Quickly connect the car battery to the socket.

6.       Plug the television to the socket and from here you are good to go.

 Please are you aware that a healthy car battery from a mid-sized vehicle can power even a 32,30-watt TV for about 10 hours until the batter is 50 percent discharged? Try this magic and you will be amazed.

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