AMAZING: See 6 secrets of kola nut, number 3 will blow your mind

God day my valued readers. This is a new and well researched article by WOWGossip to bring to you some things you might not know about eating kola.

Let set the ball rolling by showing you the power of kola nut:

1. Eat kola nuts to keep you awake: This reminds me of the old memory, where I will find myself consuming cola nut to stay awake so that I can read in preparation for the school exam at night.

So take 1 kola nut and drink more water to get rid of drowsiness. Kola nuts keep your body vibrant and active all night long.

2. Eat 1 kola nut to get rid of a runny stomach: If you have an upset stomach, kola nuts can stop it quickly.

Just take a bite and eat it slowly and it will stop.

3. Keep the kola nuts in the four corners of your room to pursue evil spiritual powers: you have to find space in the four corners of your house, place 1 kola nut each on the space, this will eliminate all the bad ones. Negative powers sent to you by an evil spirit. Kola nuts contains spiritual energies that destroy witch attacks.

4. Eat 2 Cola Nuts on an empty stomach to cure the poison: Cola Nuts eliminate all forms of poison when eaten on an empty stomach, they break down all the poison in your body.

5. Consumption of kola nuts improves weight loss due to its caffeine content. The kola nut is known to be an appetite suppressant. Kola nut extracts have also been linked to increased fat burning in the body, possibly due to the positive impact on metabolism.

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