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AMAZING!! How To Build A 2-Bedroom House With Just GHs 8,000



Please understand that buildings are one of the things successful people show off as a sign of their success in life.

However, putting up a house in Ghana is not an easy task at all especially in this present economic situation.

What if I told you that you can build your own house with less than Ghc8000?

Sounds too good to be true, right? It is very simple.
Let us see how.

Ghc8000 would probably get your the latest iPhone in the market but that same amount can put shelter over your head.


Not a chamber and hall but a 2 bedroom apartment.

Now let us do the maths.

A house maybe built with Ghc5 million but sold at Ghc10 million so buying a house is never a good option.

In Ghana, the most common types of flats are 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom flats.

We all know that the amount of block required to build a 2-bedroom flat is not fixed.

There are some 2-bedroom flats that are simplistic, while we also have those that are complex.

Infact the size of a 2-bedroom will also affect that amount of blocks that will be needed to build it.

In this article, our 2-bedroom flat is a medium size 2-bedroom flat. The flat has one living room, 2 bedrooms having their own toilets and bath and 1 kitchen.

The number of blocks required for this project is approximately 2,200 blocks.

Please take note that this does not include soak away and fence.

The price of one block is Ghc7.8 and so with 2,200 blocks will cost Ghc17.000. All you will need are 125 bags of cements and some good amount of rods, planks and sand.

Your money raises to about Ghc25000. So if you safe Ghc667 of your salary every month, you will get like Ghc8000 for year and within 3 years you will move into your beautiful 2 bedroom apartment.

Life is easy for those who plan. Do you believe you can also build your house with just Ghc8000 as a starting capital?

Thank you very much for reading.

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