Amazing!!! Eating Pork Boosts Errection- New Study



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Are you aware that the meals you eat improve your staying power in the bedroom?

Yes, that is very true.

There are some foods known as sexual stamina boosters.

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average duration of intercourse is 3 to 7 minutes.


To help sustain this stamina or enhance it, you just need to choose your food wisely.

You can eat foods including meat, oysters, nuts, and apples. Amazingly pork is one of them.

These are just incredible and give you a terrific taste.

Just read on to know how these foods increases your libido and help you hit the sheets with passion.


Meat: Uninterrupted blood flow is important for sexual response in both men and women.

And such meats include chicken, beef, and pork contain carnitine, and L-arginine. They are known to improve blood flow.

Various studies have revealed that these nutrients can potentially treat erectile dysfunction in men.


Oysters: Having aphrodisiac properties, oysters can raise testosterone and estrogen levels.

A boost in these hormones can shoot up your sexual desire.

Moreover, they are also rich in zinc, that is known for improving blood flow.


Nuts: Nuts including cashew and almonds are rich in zinc which improves the blood flow.

Moreover, others like walnuts, hazelnuts, and peanuts contain L-arginine.

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