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All Users of Gas Cylinders in Ghana should Take Note of This Message Before it’s Too Late

Poor handling of cylinders filled with compressed gas having internal pressure of about 2,500 pounds per square could be extremely dangerous. Sometimes just dropping the cylinder or tipping it over has the tendency of causes weakness and even cracks within the shell of the cylinder. Please don’t forget that this can trigger a great explosion.  In this article, www.leakynews.net will school you on the best ways to handle a gas cylinder.


Whenever you are storing any compressed gas cylinder, always make sure that it is placed in an upright position. It should be secured upright with a chain or strap in a proper cylinder cart. It should be stored in at least 20 feet from combustible materials in a dry, ventilated place.

Please take not that oxygen cylinders should be kept in at least 20 feet from fuel gas cylinders and ensure that all valves are completely closed and any protection devices are well secured.

  1. Stay away from storing cylinders in lockers because any leakage could cause a devastative gas buildup.
  2. All filled cylinders should be kept in areas free from vehicle traffic, excessive heat and electrical circuits.
  3. All filled cylinders should be away from empty ones.



A higher percentage of devastations and injuries involving gas cylinders happen during handling or at the time they are being transported.  Below are some vital tips to guide you so as to save yourself and your home.

  1. Handle cylinders with a great care and always try to avoid dropping or hitting them against anything.
  2. Please make sure to abide by proper procedures and use the right equipment plus safety glasses, heavy-duty gloves and protective footwear.
  3. Ensure safety measures by seeing to it that caps or guards are securely installed.
  4. Apply a cart or hand truck instead of dragging or rolling cylinders.
  5. Apply a good cradle, nets or platforms when you are using a cane.
  6. Take this serious. Avoid lifting by the caps or guards or with magnets or slings, which can damage the valves.


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