All Churches In Ghana Must Take These Tips Serious


1. Verify any minister before you invite them

2. Invite only ministers that can add value to your work not those that will destroy it

3. Discuss the intent of the programme and the theme with the guest minsiter before inviting them to be sure they understand why they are coming

4. Communicate the date , time and venue clearly to avoid mix up

5. You can’t INVITE EVERYONE WHICH MEANS YOU only invite those that their teaching does not run contrary to your ministry doctrine to avoid confusion.

6. Make adequate and quality publicity, preparations and scheduling before your guest arrives like a good accommodation, airport pick up, transport vehicle, protocol, escorts, refreshment, and other services.

7. Have a budget and work within that budget. Communicate your budget so your guest will not expect too much.

8. Discuss his honoranium to avoid any mix up. Honoranium is from the word honour and the Bible says give honour to whom honour is due and the labourer is worthy of his wages. Do bless your guest very well but not at the expense of going into debt

9. Prepare your ushers and protocol to receive New comers and create order. Christ Embassy and COZA has a very good ushering and protocol system, you can learn from them

10. Work on your sound, lighting, audio and video recording such that they will be no embarrassment. Check batteries, fuel, oil, generators, wires, bulbs, etc hours before the meeting

11. Communicate the duration of the meeting in terms of time allocated and days of ministry so everything can be in order

12. If there is poor attendance prepare the mind of the guest. Guest minsiter don’t talk down on your host because of poor attendance but minister to encourage him or her and the few that are available. Do not criticize them and compare them to your big cathedral

13. Invitation doesn’t grow a church but can only add to what the set man is doing so don’t believe that an Adeboye or an Uma Ukpai visiting your work will grow it . You may even regret inviting such big name if you bring them when you are not yet big and ready to finance it.

14. Locate your prophetic company and invite them avoid mix multitude where you invite any and everyone. It shows you don’t know what you believe or what you stands for.

For instance Kenneth Copeland associates and host men like Jerry Savelle, Jessie Duplantis, Bill Winston, Keith Moore and Creflo Dollar . That’s his prophetic company for over 25 years now.

Dr N E Moses, Zilly Aggery, Jona Katung, Emmah Isong, Goddy Okafor , Cletus Bassey, Abraham Chibgbundu, and John Praise have a strong prophetic company.

Another prophetic company was Ayo Oritesejafor, Mike Okonkwo, Simon Okah, Felix Omobude, , Lious Morah, Paul Nwachukwu and Uma Ukpai.

Find your prosthetic company men of like mind and host them

15. Once in awhile God will lead you to bring a new minsiter to bless your work. Pray about it and make sure it’s the Spirit not because that is the MAN of the MOMENT.

16. I don’t believe in bringing the reigning man of God but men that God wants hosted. Because everyone is hosting THAT APOSTLE DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD
I do not attend meetings of regining men but men with the word for the season whether he pastors 3 or 3000 .
I try to do minsitry differently

17. Don’t invite anyone because they are begging you to host them.if you have something to offer you will not beg for pulpit.

They only exception is where the man asking to come preach for you has something to offer and you believe it’s a divine arrangement that he EVEN ASKED to come and minister for you THEN ALLOW HIM. for instance they are men if they ask to come and minister, I will tell them what we can afford and allow them come because God is involved.

20. Don’t kill yourself and your members with pressure in order to host one big name.

21. Don’t over spend beyond your budget in order to impress or you will end up in debt.

22. Guide your pulpit diligently. YOU DON’T MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE PULPIT.

23. We can be friends and I will never preach for you and you will never preach for me.

24. Understand the impact of God ordained invitations… Rev Oyakhilome hosted Apostle Gbenga Igbafen and it boosted Christ Embassy finances and
Changed the tempo of the ministry.

Dr Oyedepo said when he invited his friend Dr Wale Oke who came with an evangelism anointing it boasted Winners Chapel when he was in Kaduna and the church was struggling.

25. Let everything be done in order and decently.

26. They are men who you should stop inviting.

27. Let your guest know you want a salvation altar call in every service.

28. Discuss if you want him to raise money to support the ministry. Let him do it without manipulations

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