All Christians Who Speak In Tongues Should Take Note Of This Message from Pastor Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo in a recent tweet has disclosed what speaking in tongues does to the life of christians anytime they use it in prayers.

One of the famous ways of praying in the Nigerian christian society including other parts of the world is by speaking in tongues.

This somehow involves the use of a spiritual dialect and a consistent speech of of spiritual phrases by some believers.

Although It is considered by many people as a perfect way of praying against evil forces aside the normal way of praying but however, a lot christians have no idea what it really means or what happens when one uses this prayer form.

Nevertheless, a revelation about this way of prayer has been made Living Faith Church Pastor David Oyedepo.

According to a message he tweeted on his official twitter handle, Bishop David Oyedepo said that when someone speak in tongues while praying, he or she is confirming the judgement which the holy spirit has put on against the devil.

It is a revelation that all christians should take note of as has also asked christians to have an engagement with the help of the holy spirit by prayers. Below is what he said.

“Everytime you explode in tongues against the works of the flesh, you are confirming the judgement of the Holy Spirit against the devil. Engage the Holy Spirit by prayers in the Spirit”.

His revelation attracted alot of positive reactions from users and quite a good number of them confirmed the revelation.

Others also said that praying and fasting is what has worked for them aside praying in tongues.

Source; Opera News

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