Algeria gov’t summons Morocco’s ambassador over “enemy country” comment.



Morocco’s ambassador to Algiers has been summoned by Algeria government in protest against a hostile remark allegedly made by a Moroccan diplomat.

Moroccan official in Algerian city of Oran purportedly described Algeria as an “enemy country”, newsmen have indicated.

He allegedly made the description at the time he was addressing a gathering of Moroccans outside the consulate in Oran to demand repatriation during the coronavirus pandemic.

In response, the Algerian Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum summoned the Moroccan ambassador on Wednesday to “confront” him with the alleged remark, APS said, citing the foreign ministry.

“The qualification by the consul general … if it were to be established … is a serious violation of diplomatic habits and customs, which cannot be tolerated,” said the foreign ministry’s statement.


The ministry advised Morocco to “take appropriate measures to avoid any repercussions of this incident on the ties” between the two countries.

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