Airplanes Are not Allowed To Fly Over Messi’s House? Hear Is The Reason



Infact there is no doubt about the fact that Lionel Messi is perhaps the best footballer of all time.

Apart from that, he is again hailed as one of the richest footballers of all time.

The phrase “nobody is above the law” applies to everybody in every country.

Per your opinion, do you think Messi control the power of the airlines in the country called Spain?


For many years now, followers of football game and citizens of Spain have failed to comprehend as to why planes are not permitted to fly over Messi’s home in Gava.

In Messi in Belemar, airplanes are highly prohibited because of the presence of native wildlife which can be disturbed by the sound of planes trying to fly.

Are you aware that Messi’s $ 7 million home in Belemar also enjoy much benefits from the law? This is true.

But the interesting things is that Messi has nothing to do with the law because he does not own a government or an airport.

President Vueling disclosed one of the interesting informations about Leo Messi’s house in Gava at a conference in 2018.

When he was questioned on a possible extension of the El Prat runway, he responded by saying that the no-fly zone in the area where Messi lives is significantly limiting.

“You can’t go to where Messi lives, that doesn’t happen anywhere in the world,” said Javier Sanchez-Prieto.

However, the restriction has nothing to do with the presence of Messi.

It is just that the Gava region has environmental restrictions that disallows planes from crossing the airspace.

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