Air ticket prices shoot up as Ghana prepares to open borders next month



Ticket prices according have shot up hours after president Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo announced preparations by government to open the borders on 1st September, 2020.

Ghana’s borders have been closed from March 2020 a few weeks after Ghana recorded its first coronavirus case.

Even though the president provided opportunities for citizens abroad to be evacuated at a particular fee while they pay their own quarantined fees, many Ghanaians abroad have criticized that decision because they claim the fee involved is too high.

On 16th August, 2020, the president announced during a nation address that the borders will be opened from 1st September, and every single passenger that arrives in the country will be tested.

Checks by Attractive on ticket prices from British Airways, KLM, Turkish and Turkish airlines reveals an increase in prices of tickets which will surely be a topic for discussion in the coming weeks.


The cheapest ticket on British airways ranges around 9000 Ghana cedis minimum and Turkish Airlines and Brussels airline which are mostly purchased by Ghanaians also range around 8000 Ghana cedis minimum.

Source; attractive Mustapha (ghanaweb)

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