“Agyin Asare Said Nothing Bad…Why Should He Honor The Summons?”- Apostle J.K Appiah



Apostle J.K Appiah (Founder and Leader of Faith Outreach Ministry) has vehemently and vociferously defended Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare following the summons by the traditional leaders of Nogokpo.

He has asserted that statement by the latter (founder of Perez Chapel International) about Nogokpo community mirrored the reality of evil powers and also awakened the consciousness of Christians to the fact that they can face fierce resistance from same.

He added that, “It was not an attack on personalities, neither should it be considered a defamatory comment”, he told this medium.

“He said nothing bad. Describing the area as the headquarters of evil powers was even a statement of promotion since it gives prominence to their shrine.”

The Kumasi-based Apostle is of the view that honoring the summons is needless “since the Archbishop did not insult anyone”.


“For what reason should he honor the summons?

To appologise or what?

He should not go anywhere because this is not an issue. After all he has explained himself.

It is the detractors who are blowing what he said out of proportion.

Few days ago a Nigerian Pastor described “Balga Tanga” as a no go area because of the heavy presence of evil spirits. Does that mean he has insulted the people of Bolgatanga?”.

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