“Advice and Advise” Are Not The Same, See The Difference

Majority of people make many mistakes in their attempt to prove to people that they can speak the Queen’s language better than others.

They end up embarrassing themselves even in public all because their grammar was tinted with much errors. would like to school you on two common mistakes people sometimes make when speaking English.

  1. A While vs. Awhile: A while is a noun phrase which consists of a and while, whereas awhile is an adverb meaning “for a while”. A while normally follows the preposition for or in, whereas if you cannot put “for a while” into a sentence, you need to use a while.

Eg. He went to the store a while. (If you replace a while with for a while, it does not make sense* He went to the store for a while).

You should sleep awhile. (if you replace awhile with for a while, it makes sense* You should sleep for a while)

  1. Advice vs. Advise: Please be informed that Advice is a noun, whereas advise is a verb.

Eg. She took my advice and took out a loan.

I advised her to take out a loan.

Thank you very much for reading.



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