ADULTS ONLY: 3 Tips For G Spot Orgasm…Most Women Love Number 1



Welcome home my good friend.


Per research, 55% of men have never found their partner’s G spot – and 36% do not even know what it is.

Though it is so true that the G spot can be frustratingly elusive, it is well worth searching for.

Be informed that G spot orgasms – in contrast to clitoral climaxes, during which her pleasure is confined to that hallowed region – are felt throughout the lower body.


So, for a shuddering session she will not forget, choose your weapon correctly.

Will it be fingers, tongue and toy, or… well… your weapon?

1. By Hand:

Gently slip two well-lubricated fingers (index and middle) inside her.

Then use stroking movements with your two fingertips facing towards you.

Just a few centimetres up inside her front vaginal wall is the region where the G spot is located.

(In fact it is a little rough and swells to about the size of a two pence piece when she is aroused.)

“To begin with use a rhythmic stroking movement with these two fingers together,” advises sex and relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr. “As she gets increasingly aroused, vary this with slight circular motions to give her different sensations.”

Next, alternate tickling her G spot with the tips of your index and middle fingers.

“Surprise her with these different sensations and, if required, add more lubricant as you go,” according to Spurr.

2. Vibrate Her:

Unless you are blessed with a lizard-like tongue, it is impossible to reach her G spot through oral sex (without suffocating, that is).

Instead, try using a G-spot stimulator while your tongue goes to town on her clitoris.

“Depending on the fit between you and her it might work best if your head and shoulders are ‘across’ her pelvis rather than between her legs,” says Spurr. “This should make it very easier for your hand to manipulate the vibrator around her G-spot region. Stroke, circle and ‘swish’ it back and forth along this area.”

3. Doggy Style:

“A top position for stimulating her G spot is what I call the lazy doggy style,” says Spurr. From classic doggy style encourage her to slip down onto her elbows. This lifts and tilts her pelvis so that the end of your penis stimulates her G spot as you thrust.

“Try to get a little ‘circular’ movement in your hips to make sure you hit her G spot and the surrounding areas,” says Spurr. Feeling confident? Then try out an octagon or two.

(Please avoid dodecahedrons – you don’t want to put your back out.)

Thank you so much.

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