Achimota School (Court Ruling): GNACOPS Blames GES Over Lost Battle

Lack of proper educational governance structures in GES made Achimota School loss the case in court .

This is the time our educational system needs a serious overhauling with respect to leadership and governance structures to ensure that the proper school administration is guaranteed.

Let us ask these questions;

1. Does the GES have legal procedures to the formulation and implementation of any school regulations?

2.Did the said school regulation by Achimota School pass all legal indicators meant for formulating an enforceable regulation in any corporate environment?

Let us as a nation, continue to expunge the rotten paths in our educational systems us we align ourselves to the international best practices in education rather than using the old self acclaimed portfolios that has lost its efficacy in the 21st century learning space.

The core mandate of every educational institution is to change a behaviour to suit the socially accepted norms with rightful structures place in every school would not be perturbed by the difficulties each day presents.

Expect that parents would soon drag GES to Court to seek for compensations for the non fulfilment of their core mandate as educational service providers.
This may ensue because they may feel that their wards have not met the end outcomes of the education delivered to them for many years.

The 21st century education innovation has variations that draw back the old school age. We cannot as a country always pride on ancient platitudes. Learning as a relatively permanent change in behavior goes far beyond regulations which may or may not have the assent of parliament.

It’s about time we refocused attention on how we can holistically teach our children to manifest the expectations of the global education standards than just focusing on the small portion of our society.

By Obenfo Enoch Kwasi Gyetuah
Executive Director-Gnacops*

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