Accept that it’s over and there is nothing you can do – Archbishop Duncan Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has boldly spoken and caused stir once again.

During a church service, he made another powerful revelation and an explanation to many things which are appear to the human eye as normal but are not.

Normally, we convince ourselves with lots of imaginary pleasures, and since the outcome of the results of things we wished for did not go as imagined, we lose hope and start tearing apart.

Sundays have become one of the most relevant days in the lives of Christians due to the fact that the Archbishop always delivers to the children of God and changes their lives.

Being gifted and blessed with wisdom, the Archbishop has spoken on letting go and the need to make this happen.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams blessed his congregation and Ghana as a whole with a very powerful statement which needs to be practiced and not just heard.

Speaking on Dominion Television, he laid emphasis on certain behaviors of Christians which involves their inability to let go of things.

He disclosed that a lot of relationships as well as good friendships have been lost and though these situations are painful and almost impossible to get over them, there are spiritual meanings to these occurrences.

He disclosed that the relationship between Jacob and Esau needed to be destroyed at some point before the blessings Of Esau could manifest.

Esau from the Bible had over 10 folds more blessings than what Jacob had from his father. Before Esau could have this blessing, he had to be betrayed by his blood brother by stealing his position as an elder brother and taking the blessings he deserved from his father.

He stated- if a relationship between someone is destroyed and you see that no matter the effort you put in things still don’t work, don’t be so disturbed and downcast. But rather, accept that it is over and there’s nothing you can do, because this might be the work of God.

These were in-depth sayings because God mostly has to get rid of people around you before blessing you since they could be the ones delaying your blessings. They could however be the pathway to your downfall should God bless you in anyway and hence needs to be removed. He further revealed that sometimes your opportunities and success is all locked up because of people you have in your circles.

Source; Opera News

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