Accademic shutdown; Open letter to Education Minister “Napo”




Greetings to you Honourable Minister. I write to you on the back of the dire situation final year students find themselves in across the country. I intend to suggest ways your outfit could help especially all WASSCE and BECE candidates write their final examinations in spite of COVID-19 threat.

In the first place, the exigencies of the times in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic would mean that we cannot afford to allow all of our precious children to return to school prematurely. However, the Education Ministry in collaboration with GES and WAEC could discuss the way forward as to how to enable final year students to undertake WASSCE and BECE without further hesitation.

Secondly, with the President’s decision to relax partial lockdown rules and recommendation for wearing facemasks, it should be possible to get the candidates to follow the health and safety protocols including social distancing in writing their final examinations.


Thirdly, Honourable Minister, the psychological and emotional trauma final year students in both streams are subjected to currently is incalculable. These are adolescents who are already experiencing emotional tantrums. At least, if the candidates know when they are likely to take the examinations it would reduce their worries and anxiety. Communication and information in this regard would be priceless and appreciated greatly.

Fourthly, for optimum safety of the candidates, thermometer guns could be sent to all schools across the country for regular test of temperature of candidates and other staff in our schools. Better still, all candidates could be tested before admission in schools to forestall any fears of spread of the pandemic.

Moreover, all candidates who are tested and declared COVID-19 free should be admitted to the boarding house since the continuing students could stay home till September 2020 to resume school. Thankfully, government has already undertaken disinfection of high schools around the country.

Finally, I recommend that strict social distancing and safety protocols should be enforced without fear or favour during the examinations to secure candidates.

Honourable Minister, I trust that should the above suggestions be taken into consideration, WASSCE and BECE candidates could write their examinations without any challenges and casualties. Thank you for your kind attention and favourable response.

Yours in service,





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  1. *Woes of the Ghanaian in the hands of the Ghanaian Poli-trick-cian*

    I am saddened when educated professionals lose their senses and right judgement all in the name of politics. How much good has NPP-NDC POLITICS done to our nation. People support political parties based on needless things like tribe, friendship, relation, religion, hatred,opportunities available etc. Look at the way grown up professionals like doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers etc who could be useful to Ghana are turned into political slaves. Just praising without any reason.

    You and I are the cause of stagnation in Ghana’s development and I can say without fear or favour that our worst is yet to come if we continue to follow Politicians blindly. *Politicians only see clearly when in opposition* like a poor man with many plans. Give these politicians power and you would be surprised.

    *NPP* in opposition (2009 – 2016) said WE DON’T CHOP ROADS AND HOSPITALS. THIS SAME NPP in power (2017-Date) declared the year 2020 as the YEAR OF ROADS. DO WE NOW EAT ROADS?

    *NDC* in opposition (2001-2008) said WE DON’T CHOP ROADS AND SHOPPING MALLS. THIS SAME NDC came to power (2009-2016) and built most of the current shopping malls in the country likewise roads. DO WE NOW CHOP THESE THINGS.

    If we follow these self- centered Politicians with a myopic mind and thinking, we shall remain in their pockets for only God knows how many years.

    Competent civil and/or public servants are relieve of their positions because their party is not in power, this is why we have lots of square pegs in round holes

    Ghanaians, never allow yourselves to be used and damped by these politicians. Rise above the dirty poli-trick.

    *Twumasi Dankwa*

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