“abruku abruka” snatched Rev “opambour’s” girlfriend- breakaway pastor reveals



Evangelist Kwabena Manasseh formerly of Manasseh Ministries International has called Rev Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom (Opambour) a liar for denying the knowledge of Prophet Christopher Asante popularly known as Abruku Abruka.

In an interview with Kwaku Annan on NET 2 TV on The Hot Seat, Manasseh who claims to be a reformed pastor said that he used to work for Abruku Abruka as his junior pastor and had evidence to prove that Rev Opambour and Abruku Abruka were close friends.

He further stated that Rev Opambour was the ‘spiritual’ father of Abruku Abruka thus spiritually, Opambour is of a higher order. Mannaseh then produced a picture of Abruku Abruka kneeling before Opambour whiles Opambour placed his hands on the head of Abruku Abruka. Both were casually dressed.

He also produced another picture in which Opambour and Abruku Abruka were sharing a hearty moment. They were casually dressed and could be seen smiling.

However, the reason why Opambour keeps denying Abruku Abruka according to Manasseh is because Abruku snatched Opambour’s girlfriend some time ago. This angered Opambour which led him to cut ties with Abruku. Opambour even sacked Abruku from his church one time when Abruku decided to pay him a visit.


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