A/R: Unemployed Nurses Bite Hard…Send Strong Message To Nana Addo




Leadership together with all members of the coalition of unemployed graduates of nurse assistant clinical and preventive 2019-year group by release wish to express our dissatisfaction and displeasure with the way we have been treated about our posting process.

It has been ten (10) good months the Ministry of Health opened their recruitment portal for all cadre of Nurses and midwives in Ghana to choose their preferred region and agencies to be posted to.

Both the Degree and Diploma Nurses and Midwives have since been posted to their preferred region and agencies of choice since March and April respectively but we the certificate nurses to our surprise have been left in the house to rot without any explanation.


Our total populace is Ten thousand Seven hundred and Twenty-seven and we have been home for three (3) good years after completion meanwhile we don’t undergo National Service and we are gradually de-learning the knowledge and skills we acquired. Currently, we are going through a lot because majority of us are breadwinners for our families and due to the public claims made by the ministry on the imminent recruitment of all cadres led to a lot of layoffs by private institutions some were working for leading most of us to hawking, galamsey and other means to survive.

Leadership of the coalition has made several follow-ups and engagement with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, several agencies and stakeholders but our plights has not been addressed with the recent one being the 5th day of September, 2022.

We the members of this coalition find it difficult to understand as to why we are been treated such discrimination because in the history of the recruitment process no cadre has been financially cleared, access the portal and be left at home for ten (10) good months with which we suspect a foul play.

Recent news has captured certain political figures and communicators from the ruling party making claims that all 2019 cadre of nurses and midwives have been posted but by this release we want to state emphatically that, these are lies to deceive the general public and not a reflection of our true employment status.

Under the operation “See Something Say Something”, we ask is it not security threatening when a huge number of youths are denied to their qualified jobs?

We ask the government what wrong have we committed that we have been discriminately neglected after paying huge sum of money and going through the required training at college and we are still left at home after accessing the recruitment portal since November 2021. Could it be that, the government has rechannelled our clearance money into recruiting SHS graduates to replace us at the CHPs compounds and health centres?

Leadership of Nurses and Midwives (GRNMA, UPNMG, NARM-GH) should see the need to rise and protect the image and the integrity of the nursing profession.

For about nine (9) years now, we see nursing graduates parading themselves on the street crying for postings meanwhile a profession like nursing that deals with human lives shouldn’t be thrown into the hands of politicians.

We are calling on all stakeholders and the general public to see to it that the necessary processes are done for us to be posted since our services are equally needed.

We also by this release giving an ultimatum of one week to all ministries responsible for our delay in posting (Ministry of finance and ministry of health) to release our data to the agencies for further posting processes or we will be left with no option than to share with them their offices.



Charles Apandago

Nurse Assistant Clinical And Preventive 

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