A/R: NPP Committee Names Venue For Ashanti Regional Elections

The Ashanti regional elections Committee of the NPP has disclosed the venue for the upcoming regional elections.

27th May 2022 has been announced as the date scheduled for the event and the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) has been named as the venue for the much awaited event.

Time for voting starts at 7:00 am.

The forgoing were disclosed by the Ashanti regional Minister Hon Simon Osei Mensah- Chairman for the Committee at a press briefing.

Per arrangements for smooth running of the elections, accreditations per the statement of the Minister will be issued to media houses interested in convering the elections.

Interested media stations must write to the committee by way of application as early as possible for the avoidance of any inconvenience.

Accreditations he indicated will also be issued to all aspirants, observers and delegates.

Restrictions will be imposed on the number of persons who will be permitted on the elections grounds.


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