A/R: Dorifa Pharmacy Limited Holds Free Health Screening…Admonishes Public Against Self Medication



Chief Executive Officer for Dorifa Pharmacy Limited Dr. Shadrach Wiafe Afrifa has admonished Ghanaians to abstain from self medication.

He kicked against the act in an exclusive interview with, explaining that it is one of the leading causes of death in Ghana.

“Doing that kills the cells and with time triggers the untimely death of the individual”, he noted.

Many people without the prescription of a doctor walk to pharmaceutical shops when they fell uneasiness in their body and purchase drugs to cure them of syptoms their body shows.

He said that on many occasions such individuals do that having no knowledge whatsoever of the disease causing that problem.


He told the press on the sidelines of a 5-day free health screening exercise organised at Kejetia-Kumasi by his outfit in Kumasi that the best practice is when a person visits a medical center or a lab to be diagnosed of the kind of ailment causing the symptom and afterwards consulting a doctor for the right medication.

He admonished that the time is ripe for health officials and stakeholders to rise up and demonstrate against such acts.


At the time this medium visited the screening center, a little over 300 people had been screened.

Diseases screened were malaria, typhoid fever, blood pressure, diabetes among others.

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