“A President Who Doesn’t Know Content Of His Manifesto”- Nana Addo Must Hear This

If a president does not know the contents of his own manifesto, Jesus krist! Yesu!

Some time last year, well before the elections, when it became clear that akufo Addo was not keen on having a one on one with mahama. I had a conversation with a colleague stakeholder, interested in all things Ghana Politics. I expressed my dismay at akufo Addo’s disinterest in a face off with the Gonja man mahama. I pointed out to my colleague that I regarded the incumbent as the superior orator who should be able to wipe the floor with his opponent. My colleague disagreed and explained that it may be true that akufo Addo has the better oral grasp of English language but he believes mahama has the better knowhow and has the “stagecraft” and therefore he mahama would prevail should they mount the podium together.
I wasn’t that convinced at the time. But recent events, recent happenings has proved my much accomplished colleague right. In just a few days, akufo Addo has been exposed or has exposed himself, big time. No wonder, he decided or his advisors thought it right not to release him out to an eminent ridicule. The president hasn’t got the clue, let alone the grasp of proper politicking. That is why he loves going it alone, he loves to take the stage all by himself, no questions, only praises.
Now we can all see, the mighty wind has blown the King’s batakari and we see underneath nothing there. The president does not have the requisite stagecraft. He is not adequately fieldcrafted to navigate past a mild undulating plane let alone to go through a complex jungle maze challenge. Otherwise the easiest question when he met Sefa Kayi. A chief who has previously praised the president want a school building completed for his subjects to use. This shouldn’t have been any difficult to respond to or to comment on.
I have said previously that akufo Addo has demonstrated to us all, how not to govern a country. If I was one of his many advisers, I would ask him to stay home and engage with fellow Ghanaians through the camera lenses and microphone 🎤. The president should avoid live and personal interactions because ‘That craft’,he hasn’t got it. As a president, you must expect one or two uncomfortable questions even on a friendly territory, a smart president should be able to navigate.
If a president does not know the contents of his own manifesto, the flagship policies in a manifesto, Jesus krist! My friend, just stop dishonouring the 💺seat. What a shame! All in all, another treacherous week for akufo Addo, not that mahama cares. Have a good weekend, cheers.
_mansa musa_

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