A Message To Alan et al – “Save Your Pockets and NPP”



A Message to Alan et al – Save Your Pockets and NPP- By Fadi Dabooussi

It saddens me to recognise the unrepentance of people who refuse to understand the many lessons that their long lives have taught them either due to recalcitrance, unwavering tenacity to showcase consistent abysmal failures, or bigotry, all three being signatures of vicissitudes of dwindling political fortunes. They turned a deaf ear to good counsel, while they exhibited some sort of palsy-walsy, acting up a sham love for delegates that they, really, do not have at heart! I do not care what anyone thinks or says, I will tell it as it is without mincing words or kissing anyone’s behind!
So, when I wrote to advise Hon Alan Kyeremanten to throw in the towel because he did not need the embarrassment, I was, also, by extension roping in the other contestants. Of course, the “Buck” in Alan’s camp rebutted and showed his nakedness as he pulled the wool over his own head. Please, try to understand the extrapolations from this metaphorical English! Then, I wrote again, specifically, to Alan, advising him to throw away the failed Yaw Boaben Asamoah like he would his “tatty pioto”. To my utmost surprise, his unprofessional PA, Nanayaw Adutwum, came to my whatsapp to ease himself with the nonsense that characterises his personality. Were the writers in Alan’s camp smart enough, they would have realised that the use of the phrase, “tatty pioto” was a desperate call for him to raise the standard of his campaign, if he wasn’t going to surrender, because Yaw Boaben Asamoah, being his spokesperson, was fast eroding the little gains he had managed to garner, if any at all. Then again, what did Alan expect from such a person, who could neither keep his Parliamentary seat nor read a simple statement against the NDC while he was the Director of Communications for NPP without trembling and loosening his bowels? Fearoo like that! Tweaaa!
Then came the loose-talker, Aye Paye, who kept his hometown of ‘Coaltar” without any coal tar even after three terms as Member of Parliament. Again, what did Hon Alan expect from such a habitual liar and bigot, who played the tribal and religious cards, thinking he was damaging Bawumia, only to be hit hard in the face with the results of the confab that rubbished Alan and sent him into relegation zone! Na who causam? Woano pεkyε pεkyε!
Now that the super delegates’ confab is over, and the man has been separated from the old boys with “tatty piotos”, an honest word of advice has to be said. Let us just say that it is counsel in good faith lest anyone comes soiling themself in an attempt to defend their master. The results of this super delegates’ confab were a loud call for all to throw in the towel and leave the winner, Dr Mahmoudu Bawumia to lead the party going into the general elections of 2024.
In fact, patriotism to our NPP tradition can only be achieved if a collective effort is made to reduce the burden of expenditure so that we can conduct the 2024 campaign and elections with enough force as to achieve a resounding victory. The candidates should be pragmatic and visionary enough to save their pockets and contribute their quota if they are really serious about maintaining the legacy of NPP’s existence that is, thus far, unmatched, unprecedented, and altogether commendable! I would say that we should agree to disagree, yeah, but, at least, do something as admirable as making an announcement to throw in the towel in order that November 4 will not be spent money on!
So, the import of my discussion here is to advise all and sundry to exercise restraint. The unmitigated attacks on President Akufo-Addo are nothing more than shameful and boorish! Who can show a sitting President where Power lies? After all, he commands Power in this country and knows exactly where it is! Now these petty losers can talk trash, forgetting that during the National Council Meeting a couple of Months ago, nine candidates sat in one corner against Dr Bawumia, who sat alone. Such was the show of hatred and spite that exposed their hypocrisy, which in Twi parlance is referred to as, “Yε ni wo sri kwa!” So, they must lick their wounds and, in shaa ALLAH, live to fight another battle another day. I do advise them to spit out their bitterness and wash their mouths with the sweetness of a victory at the 2024 polls that would raise the flag of gratitude to ALLAH, and pride in NPP!
At least, suffice it say that the resounding victory of Dr Mahmoudu Bawumia was a loud negation of the NDC propaganda that NPP is an Akan party. It certainly is not, because the people of all regions, all tribes, and all creeds matter to NPP in equal measure! Let us do it for Posterity by coming together to achieve the common goal of victory 2024! In shaa ALLAH, 2025 will be the beginning of a Bawumia Presidency! Ayekoo!

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