A Letter to John Dramani Mahama, leader of the NDC

Below is the content of a letter written by an admirer of Former President John Dramani Mahama on the 7th December elections’ verdict;

“Dear Sire, many are advocating for you to remain calm but those advocating for you to remain calm are the same people telling you to concede defeat if you have dreams of running again. No dreams can manifest without actions and if lessons are not thought, the next action will be just like the same old actions.

Majority of us know what went on. I congratulate you Sire, because you fought a good fight. You took your humbleness to the people at a time nobody needed you and asked what we the citizens wanted. We gave you what we wanted and you didn’t just listen, but you made it a part of you to make sure all our endeavours were reached.

Instead of taking just one line from what we said, you took everything we said without changing everything and brought it as The People’s Manifesto. For such an action taken by you, we will always love and cherish you dearly. We were never mindful of our words when you came to our homes to ask what we wanted because, we thought you were kidding.

The truth hurt and the truth is also priceless when people give it to you. You gave us truth by bringing what we told you in 2018 as your manifesto for the 2019/2020 campaigns. Nothing was omitted from it, thank you so much for honoring such words of ours. You run a hurdle race and many of us, me especially believes you won the elections but the electoral commission through its own said the incumbent won.

Many stakeholders thinks our survival as a nation depends on it and if you do not concede defeat, it will breed some kind of nuisance. Nothing will bring anything Sire, there can never be freedom without justice. If Dr. Nkrumah kept mute, Ghana wouldn’t have enjoyed independence. Our votes must be protected and whether you concede defeat or not, know that if you don’t demand justice for what is rightfully yours, those people will do it again.

If you believe, you were rig, we stand with you to demand justice and truth. If you believe you were not rig, we will still stand with you in truth and humbleness. Stand for what is yours Sire, we are behind you because a nation needs hard leaders who can push for justice to develop. My name is Rocky, and I stand with you Sire.”

Source; Opera News

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