8 reasons why you are urinating too much



Urinating too much can lead to:

– Not sleeping properly.

– Affect work.

– Affect exercise.

– After performing daily activities.


Not sleeping well too can cause:

– Fatigue.

– Mood problems.

– Appetite changes.

The Reasons Why You Might Be Urinating So Often these days;

1. Nervous system imbalance:

When people consume too much of salads, leafy green vegetables, and citrus fruits, they tend to urinate more frequently. Eat meat, fish, and chicken. Do not take too much of anything.

2. Kidney conditions:

Kidney stone can cause too much peeing with pain at the low back, and the colour of the urine will change. Take magnesium on a daily basis.

3. Bladder conditions:

There is the bladder stone. Over-activity bladder can not hold urine. Take cranberry supplements.

4. You might have diabetes. Being thirsty all the time, and weight changes.

5. Drinking too much water.

6. Urinary tract infection:

– There is bacteria in the bladder.

– Urinating with pain and a burning feeling.

This can affect one’s kidneys.

7. You may be eating diuretic foods, e.g., mints, pineapple, and leafy vegetables. Your foods may be the cause of your urinating.

8. Taking certain medications.

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