8 important things to avoid when texting a lady. Men take note

You finally have the nerve to ask for the girl’s number, right?

Now you are really focused on writing her something and stirring the urge to go on a date or make her like you, but you know very well that you are making a little or a major mistake when writing a girl that could be a real turn-off and you could end up wasting all your efforts.

You text a lady and things begin to go nice and cool between you guys maybe you even get the feeling she is already in you then, boom!

She instantly begun answering your messages and you are wondering where the query could have come up or emanated.

In this post I will feed you with 8 Important Rules to Follow When Texting A Woman.

1.Do not write like other ordinary people:

Upon having a girl’s phone, most guys start asking her questions, including “Hey, how was your day?” or “How are you doing?” or even “Have you eaten?”

You keep asking questions until you just sweat it out and she starts answering your text. What aren’t you a little curious to make sure that every single text you give her lightens her eyes to differentiate you from other guys who wallow in her DM?

Here are only a few examples of how this might be done;

“Whoever sees such a text will feel this guy being so funny, and a lovely person, but if you build on that text, it certainly will be playing along with you and you will be opening so many doors with such a simple and quick text. I will just write randomly to a girl like this.”

The most relevant point here is not to put questions to her and make your game something new and special.

2. Do not Discuss Too Many Intimate Issues Over Text:

I figure it would be the most exhausting date when you converse with a young lady about such huge numbers of close content issues and set a date to meet her in person since you folks needed to examine each cozy content issue that couldn’t start enthusiasm as she wasn’t truly there with you. I think the principle point of the content is to set dates when you are really talking and when you are effectively meeting individuals. Put forth sure you make each attempt not to squander any of your fascinating or individual informing talks.

3.Do not add to Texting A Girl too much significance (Have a meaning in life):

Many guys get almost mad when a girl doesn’t answer a text, or the girl is either busy or off somewhere when the message was left on a read receipt. What else do you need to do, and stop watching your phone waiting to respond? You ‘re a student, whether you’re working in an office or have checked your phone and experienced other big life issues. I’ll always say never let a girl in life be your inspiration, because if you don’t have inspiration, no girl would want to connect with you.

4. A text asking for nude selfies.

I know that’s fun and exciting but it’s totally disrespectful. She is sexually sexualised. Simply ask, you can absolutely turn her off. Her lack of sound boundaries shows when she plays with it. Show her that you have clear limits, and tell her not to use them.

5. Texts that just says “Hi” or “Hey”
You are a man; initiate a thorough reflection. Saying “yes” or “hey” clearly means that the girl has to understand what you say. Are you asking her out? Looking to phone her? Say “Hi, can I call you?” or whatever complete thought you ‘re trying to get across. Don’t just send them an email.

6. “Hey, What’s Up?” (The Everyday, Boring Text)
It is very enforceable to send such a random text without any sense or intention to pursue a story and start a true chat. According to most men, they get them from guys on a pretty much every day basis.

the boring everyday text

Text like this is un initial, conversations sound rushed and often don’t last, which means that the woman can make no effort – because previously they weren’t interested in her. Guys who send it to them are coming off and demanding their attention as though they had nothing to say. Make sure that you have to say something if you go to text.

7. “What Do You Do? Where Do You Live?” (The Rapid Fire Questions)
If someone feels a woman’s reactions – or just doesn’t know how to make texts enjoyable – he can try to ask each text “She must reply now …” On the contrary, the text irritates women, because not just many people send it – it sounds like they’re questioned.

the non stop questions text
It’s supposed to be a text conversation, not a job interview.

If people feel like being questioned or tested, the conversation takes the fun, as the person who answers the questions feels compelled to respond. This strain sometimes results in the answers being just one sentence long, or simply stating the truth. And worst still, you end up with utterly negative answers. Send “What are you doing for a living?” For example, it’s great and interesting, but following her answer with a different question, rather than building on what she says, is what shifts the text from “conversation” to “questioning time.”

8. “Just Checking Up On You…” (The Insecure Text)

And at this point you haven’t heard of her in what seems like forever, what have you got to do? One of the messages you should never send to a woman is a text that calls her actions and whereabouts into question. If you were interested in all of this knowledge in her mind, she should have told you straight away.

the insecure text
Checking on her – seeing if everything is well – is great, but it’s also a turn-off to press for information and be possessive. After all, she has a life outside of your relationship, no matter how bad it might be between you two. If you press too hard she either stops talking to you or starts lying straight away to you. And worse, you might threaten her by making her think you’ll unexpectedly turn up uninvited, or that you could stalk her.

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