7 Wicked Spirits That Delay Marriage Of Women And How To Cast Them Out



You are welcome my good friend. is through this article enlightening you on some very common factors that delay the marriage of most women.

Have you wondered why a lady may be so beautiful, full of good character but still single?

Provided below are the reasons;

1. Boyfriend Spirit- This is that spirit that will keep scaring away serious and well meaning suitors because they will be thinking that the boyfriend that always hangs around you actually wants to marry you.


2. The Spirit Of Engagement Ring:

This is the spirit that makes you keep raising your finger to show the world that one youngman that is still serving the master engaged you and when the serious suitors see the ring, they will pass over you because something in them keeps telling them that you have been engaged.

To cast out this spirit this time around you do not need any prayer. Oh yes!

All you have to do is to remove that keyholder in your finger.

3. Hard To Get Spirit:

This is also another type of spirit that tells you not to accept a marriage proposal in a hurry so that the brother will not think you too cheap or desperate.

It tells you to tell him to give you six months to pray, do not always pick his calls and behave as if you are not interested even though you are dying on the Inside and truly loves the Brother.

To be able to cast out this spirit, Just be real.

If you love the brother and you perceive he is God’s will for your life, just accept the proposal.

4. Proud Spirit:

That spirit that keeps telling you to always run home after services so that no brother will talk to you, Maybe he will meet you in the dream.

Before the brother will prepare what to say, you have gone home to study Malachi.

That Spirit that tells you that every brother that greets you have an evil Intention, So do not answer.

That Spirit that does not allow you to greet brothers Except those that rides Jeep and exotic cars.

Well, I do not have a clue as tp how you can cast out this spirit oo, but I think humility and being moderate might help.

5. Denominational/ Tribal Spirit:

Infact I am a Catholic and I must marry a Catholic.

Your villagers are really at work 🤣🤣.

I am a deeper life member and that I must marry someone whose life is also deep.

I am a member of Assemblies of God and must marry someone who belongs to Assemblies.

To cast cast out this spirit of delay, please understand that every believer is from one tribe called Christ.

If God is leading you to another denomination, kindly obey.

6. Dirtiness Spirit:

That spirit that tells you not to dress well because you are going to heaven. It tells you use tarpaulin to see your dress, wear green skirt, yellow blouse and lemon head tie.

When a brother sees you their nightmare will Increases and they will go for personal deliverance.

You are a lady but dresses like a man, you do not brush your tongue, when you talk the heaven closes and the earth trembles.

As a matter of truth this Spirit can only be cast out by understanding that cleanliness is next to godliness.

Please dress well, do not under dress and do not over dress.

Thank you for your time.

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