7 Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Your Building Project

Welcome home my dear friend.

Please don’t forget to avoid complex roofing designs that tend to be expensive.

Constructing a house is always an expensive affair. However, it is possible to lower home building costs by adopting these easy-to-follow strategies.

Here they are;

1.) Size

It is always advisable to build a house with a depth of less than 32 feet as this eliminates the need for specially designed trusses.

Try working with even numbers and having the size of your house rounded up or down to the additions of two feet. This helps you to minimise wastage of materials.

2.) Style

The style of your house hugely influences the cost.

A two-storey house will, for example, cost less (per square foot) than a single-storey house of similar square footage.

If you care to know, it will have a smaller roof and foundation.

In any case, ventilation and plumbing in a two-storey house tend to be more compact.

3.) Floor Plans

Decrease corners and angles in your house as these increase the amount of materials and labour required to complete your home.

If possible go for a rectangular house as it will cost less to build.

4.) Roofing

Although a roof is a major design highlight that draws the most attention to your home, you should avoid complex roofing designs that tend to be expensive.

If possible, go for gable roofs as they are less expensive compared to hipped roofs. Besides, they do not require additional framing.

5.) Building Materials

It is always advisable to use materials that are common. These materials are less expensive and they have a high rate of supply – enabling you to avoid hold-ups and interruptions.

In any case, you should consider doing away with features that are too expensive for you.

6.) Find Great Prices

Instead of sending workers to buy materials for you, consider buying them yourself. This point is very important.

This way you will get materials cheaper since the workers may mark up the price to make some cash.

7.) Minimize Change Orders

Planning ahead can greatly lower the number of change orders in your project.

Change orders are the most common reasons a project exceeds the budget as they are not planned for in the original budgeting.

Although the above strategies can help you lower building costs, never cut corners when it comes to the quality of building materials.

Be sure to spend your cash on materials that are durable.

Thank you very much for your time.

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